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Premature ejaculation and surgery

Now a surgery is the most radical method of PE treatment, which allows to settle this matter once for all.

The method of penis temporary denervation by intersection with nerve trunks subsequent surgical restoration allows to prolong intercourse duration to 8-10 times.

After such operation the penis becomes practically desensitized, so a really long intercourse is possible (up to 20-30 minutes). It’s a temporary anesthesia that lasts up to 6 months. It is recommended to have a regular and intense intimate life during this period.

With the balanus lower sensitivity one’s sensations during coitus are certainy poorer than they were before the operation. Yet if one’s sexual life is steady, there appears a long intercourse pattern which remains for 6-7 month after the sensitivity is fully regained.

This surgery is not a traumatic one and doesn’t require patient’s aftertreatment. The section is made around the balanus and after sutures removal the section line is seen only when the end of the penis is bare.

The most uncomfortable thing about it is that the balanus oversensitivity may remain after the denervation - if one or two abnormally located nerve trunks went unseen. In this case be ready for another operation.

Also you may not be able to regain your sensitivity in full amount - it may happen due to your physiological pecularities. Therewith a scar tissue forms very actively around a section line (so-called keloids), so an intersected nerve can’t reconstruct itself. So try surgery only if exercises and effective remedies like Duramale or remedies that temporary reduce penis sensitivity (like Enlast) gave no effect in your case.

Like any surgery denervation suggests infections risks - in this case a recovery period is longer and much more painful. However with appropriate asepsis and modern immunomodulators drugs in early postoperative period such complications may well be avoided.