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Premature ejaculation and anesthetic creams or lidocaine condoms

To avoid PE one can use various anestetic sprays, gels or lidocaine condoms.

The mechanism lies in penis nerve endings block to delay ejaculation.

There are 2 alternatives:

  1. using lidocaine condoms
  2. applying local anestetic gels on the penis surface

Now there’s a wide range of lidocaine condoms with the small amount of local anestetic applied. Using such condoms allows to desensitize the end of the penis, which in turn allows to prolong intercourse.

The anestetic concentration in condom lubricants is weak for lidocaine burns mucus membrane. And while men have mucus tunic just around urethra, vagina’s inner surface is just covered with it so an anestetic can hurt so much that an intercourse is hardly possible. But the lower lidocaine concentration is, the more active nerve endings are and the faster ejaculation occurs.

Local anestetics may also be applied without condoms: lidocaine gel is rubbed into the penis and washed away with water thoroughly after it is absorbed to avoid its contact with vagina.

Local therapy allows to prolong intercourse to 30% in average. However the PE reappears right after the end of treatment. Besides, such long and thorough procedures create an uncomfortable atmosphere and the excitement ceases itself.